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It Works

"Good decisions are based on good evidence.  Good evidence comes from accurate individually recorded animal data and the application of proven scientific facts. Listen to the numbers—if they prove or disprove a proposed course of action—be confident and act upon that knowledge.  If you move in small, measured, proven steps then performance and profitability will improve.


This is the ‘mantra’ that Stephen has proposed during his lifetime of work in the industry.  Over many years with Stephen advising me in developing my own pig business I have come to appreciate just how simple and true this message is.  He has helped me transform a poorly performing outdoor unit into one that features in the top quartile of the national figures." 

Thank you Stephen.


Simon Watchorn (Farmers Weekly Pig Farmer of the Year 2014)

Park Farm Bungay

October 2014


Blythburgh Pigs have used Stephen Hall Management in an advisory capacity for the previous 12 months.  We have found it most beneficial to have Stephen attend our quarterly meetings with our vet. During these meetings, when technical questions arise and we need in depth analysis on any facet of our records, Stephen gives us the ability to make decisions with factual knowledge.


Stephen sees a vast number of records enabling him to have knowledge invaluable to pinpoint areas of success as well as areas that need improving.  


Jimmy Butler

Senior Partner

Blythburgh Real Free Range Pork

October 2014

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