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Sustainable Production Cost Efficiency faces many challenges today throughout the global pig industry. Beginning with upholding the wellbeing and the welfare of staff and the animals in their care, enterprise investment and maintenance, environmental responsibility and the collective will of the industry to set the benchmarks to achieve this.


Stephen Hall Management works with a specific set of principles for pig production. The two pillars of this are production output and production cost, management. Working closely with the farm's management and staff on implementing protocols to achieve this and to establish a long-term operating foundation in terms of practise. Targets are set, achieved and re-set to a reasonable gradient of expectation for both indoor and outdoor production. Clients are reporting steady improvements in their businesses. 


Stephen Hall Management in partnership with clients analyses the evidence base of production data from individual (date tagged) breeding animals and feeding pig batches and produces management action strategies. This relationship ensures a shared journey towards a demanding future.



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