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Norfolk Pig Discussion Group Meeting October 16th

I am looking forward to speaking to the Norfolk PDG tomorrow evening after they kindly invited me. The subject I am addressing is Pig Production and I have subtitled this 'Pressing the Reset for Output & Cost Management'. I believe that it will be a valuable discussion for all who attend and I include myself in this because I am always learning from producers and other colleagues in the industry.

We will be looking at the progress made in UK production in the last 20 years, benchmarking data from a current data sample of 115K productive breeding females,indoors and outdoors and comparing similar herds with very different management strategies. We will also be looking at the challenges pig-flow present and digging into cost management in detail, putting financial values to management actions. I will also present the complete breeding herd performance targets for indoor and outdoor production as the aspiration for all that we will discuss in the evening.

We can press the reset button in pig production and looking at current performance we need to and quickly.

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