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The Value of True Results Part II

If we look at another calculation for this figure you will see why. The calculation found for instance in the AgroSoft WinPig programme is this, the total productive feeding days recorded in the breeding herd, in the report period (every day an animal from first production cycle service is pregnant or lactating), divided by the production index of the average pregnancy period plus the average suckling period. The result from this calculation is then further divided by the sum of the total feeding days in the report period (this is the total productive feeding days plus the non-productive feeding days, every day a recorded animal is not pregnant or suckling), divided by 365.

The Litters/Sow/Year calculation:

Total Productive feed days in period


(Average pregnancy period + Average suckling period)


Total feed days in period÷ 365

This figure will not more or less correspond with the inventory it will be totally accurate in reporting the average number of litters/sow/year because within the calculation it has included an accurate number of sows and in-pig gilts based on total recorded feeding days whether productive or non-productive. Benchmarking results with other EU industries can be helpful and closer scrutiny of statistical drivers like litters/sow/year can give understanding of the variation in results. Producers may well enjoy reading their performance report result based on historical calculations but when they read the cash-flow balance it could wipe the smile from their face. Pig producers who are serious about their businesses will value the second report far more because it is not in any way fiddling the figures. It is telling you exactly what the money does.

The litters/sow/year figure drives the pigs born and weaned/sow/year. This is a figure upon which much store is put. As an industry we should not artificially inflate this production result figure or any other for that matter because we want to know what the money is doing and we want it to do more.

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