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A Fresh Perspective

I have published a short book entitled 'Basic Strategic Pig Production...(The Breeding Herd)'. It is available to order on Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle.

It is a fresh perspective. I have purposely chosen the front cover picture of a sunrise over an open sea because in this short book I am presenting what I believe is foundational to successful pig production management practice. A false dawn it is not because it is based on reliable evidence accurately recorded and costed. It is not about practical pig production because there are already many good books on the protocols of practice from respected authors such as John Gadd and Gerry Brent and there are sound training programmes available, especially the complete training programme by the pig consultants and authors Mick Evans and Bernard Peet.

I am looking at and translating evidence and drawing on experience. I include as much as possible relative costing because my task as a consultant is to improve the cost efficiency of any business that I am privileged to work with.

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