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Article Update

I have previously posted two articles that were originally published in the Weekly Tribune. This is a valuable publication in the Pig Industry, not because I am privileged to contribute but because of the wealth of information, analysis and comment by other people with a great deal of tested experience that gives the paper its integrity.

The two posts in question contained within them, two specific questions directed at the Red Tractor Farm Assurance organization. Following the publication of the second article I have received correspondence from Red Tractor which included a full explanation in answer to my questions. I welcome and appreciate their response and I believe that Red Tractor are engaged in addressing the specific issues raised in the two articles that were details within a broader context.

The constructive response that Red Tractor has made towards important questions that affect the everyday business of pig production and hardworking farmers and their staff, I believe, highlights the need to consider whether there is a creeping disconnect between regulators, suppliers, processors, retailers and the executive, on behalf of the pig producer. If the conclusion is that there is a level of disconnect then in the interest of the future of a successful industry we need to ask why.

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