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Some estimate that the global demand for the production of meat has to increase by 43% by the year 2050


There are two main categories of data currently captured by software manually entered 'transactional' data and internet streamed 'real time' data. This data is critical EVIDENCE the analysis of this gives us insight into understanding the process controls that can help production management set, achieve and maintain realistic outcomes. I believe there are potential blue prints for production that can be discovered through evidence based analysis.


The willing collaboration of everyone involved in the production of pig meat is equitable when it is evidence based. I believe that vision is essential and forms the mortar holding the business foundation together. Getting pig meat from the farm to the finger, the fork, or the chopstick is a singular business of interdependent enterprises. Stephen Hall Management will help to facilitate the challenge of collaboration.


'Measuring to Manage' opens the road to improvement. Short-term gains are made in the first parity performance which are foundational for the medium and long -term. Process controls establish best practice leading to precision management and greater returns from the hardwork put in.

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